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Lighting and Outdoor Life.

We are Spanish manufacturers with more than 13 years of experience and we are present in more than 30 countries. With our own factories in Spain and Mexico, our development team continuously designs, projects and creates trends so that our customers can always be up to date.

We specialise in decorative outdoor lighting products and outdoor accessories. Our innovative approach in the sector, with a fair and balanced relationship between quality, design and price, with a Mediterranean and cheerful touch, has managed to become an essential item on the most important shelves of large-scale distribution in Europe, specialised shops, contract and horeca projects.

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Space for Professionals

Do you want to distribute newgarden products in your shop? Are you an architect, decorator or contract designer and want to decorate your space? You are in the right place!

At Newgarden we offer services specifically designed to meet the needs of professionals looking for quality, sustainability and innovative design. We understand that a well-designed environment can boost creativity, productivity and wellbeing, so we aim to inspire people to enjoy the outdoors in the Mediterranean way of life.

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