Sustainable and responsible



The Mediterranean must remain the Mediterranean.

At Newgarden we work every day to improve our processes in order to protect and care for our environment.

And we are not satisfied with the fact that all our products are recyclable, we want to go further because our environment needs us. At Newgarden we have developed several collections of lamps made from recycled materials from the sea. And we haven’t stopped there.

The Mediterranean Sea has shaped our way of living and enjoying life. It is time to give back to it all that it has given us. Can you help us?

Manufacturing in Spain helps us to reduce transport emissions and generate local, quality employment.

Newgarden’s factory is located in Alhama de Murcia, in the Region of Murcia (southeast Spain). We love our land and our particular way of life.

We all deserve a second chance. Lamps made from recycled plastic.

We have different product collections made from recycled plastic. For every lamp we make, we help to give a second life to plastics collected from the sea and oceans.


Durable products that help reduce consumption and its impact.

The rotomoulding manufacturing process allows us to obtain products with a long useful life and high resistance to external agents (rain, snow, sun…). In this way, we help to reduce waste and promote responsible consumption habits.

Naturally made by hand

Incorporating natural fibers like hemp and bamboo, our collections reflect the beauty of the Mediterranean. Handmade and sourced locally, they not only transport us to nature but also support the growth of regional economies and the preservation of their unique habitats.

The sun is our favourite energy

The power of the sun is unimaginable. It can generate life, inspire our personality or change our mood in a matter of seconds. 

Harnessing the incredible power of the sun, we have integrated solar energy into our collections from the very beginning. Most of our products are now available with solar charging, relying on 100% green and sustainable energy sources.



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