Be happy spirit as a philosophy of life


Our goal: to inspire the world by
sharing our passion for lighting, style
and Mediterranean culture.

Our team members are fundamental to our continued growth. For us, each person is a talent with great potential for development. At Newgarden we aim to create an inspiring workplace with a creative, fun and dynamic environment.

We have a very ambitious development plan. We are the leading company in our sector in Spain and we export throughout Europe with a strong presence in countries such as France, Germany and Italy.

Here you can be yourself… in fact, we demand it!

What we offer

People at the centre
We train and guide people to realise their dreams. We work as a team, with an open mind and a generous heart, “getting for you what I want for myself”


Growth and Development
We know that the best jobs are those linked to authenticity, growth and teamwork. When our employees grow, we grow with them.


We invest in the development of our team by offering a variety of training programmes for those who want to learn new things and grow.


Communication, humility and transparency
We are what you see, we will treat you the way we like to be treated, being consistent with ourselves and our values.


We are passionate about challenges, making difficult things easy. We have a desire to excel, initiative and a critical spirit.


At Newgarden, mutual respect between all team members is paramount, we accept our differences and welcome any kind of input. So no matter what department you work in, you will be surrounded by a diverse group of people with different skills, but with a common set of values.

Who we are

From our beginnings to the present day, the markets and our products have been constantly evolving, but if anything has characterised our team throughout this time and has always been present, it has always been our Be Happy spirit.

We all have in common the reason why we are here: to live and share our lives with intensity, to grow and generate emotions, and to be in constant contact with the latest trends, design and technology.

Our team, made up of 80 people, has turned Newgarden into a transparent and approachable company with a vocation to serve people.


Our mission is to enrich society’s living spaces with trendy and functionally designed decorative lighting solutions and outdoor complements, made accessible through all domestic channels.


We envision leading the European, American, and Middle Eastern markets in decorative lighting and outdoor accessories. Our vision revolves around delivering designs that are both fashionable and functional, underpinned by sustainability and innovation as our core pillars of growth. We aspire to inspire individuals to embrace life through a sustainable growth model that nurtures the continuous development of our team.

Our Values

  • People at the centre of everything. We train and guide people to realise their dreams.
  • Humility/Transparency. We are what you see. We are consistent with ourselves and our values.
  • Passion. We are passionate about challenges, making the difficult easy.
  • Design/quality and innovation. We provide solutions that meet the needs demanded by society.
  • Growth and Leadership. When our partners grow, we grow with them.
  • Sustainability/CSR. Acting in the present, thinking about the future.



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